Why Candles Make Great Gifts

Why candles make great gifts

Light Up Their Life With A Candle

Candles got a bit of a bad rap in the past for making not so great presents. Paraffin wax was considered dangerous and toxic to health (a debate for another day), cheaper fragrance oils were thought to be unnatural with no health benefits and unattractive containers and brand designs weren’t very appealing or even gift worthy. It was possibly an unfair bad rap considering long before electricity and the light bulb, candles were the main source of light at night and essential to being able to see when working, cooking and general living as the sun went down. As the saying goes “it’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”.

Fortunately they’ve come a long way and now, with the many different types of wax, essential oils, stunning designs and gorgeous reusable containers, candles are making a huge comeback. So much so that we would go as far to say that candles are one of the best gifts you can give!

They make excellent go-to-gifts whatever the occasion - you can quite literally ‘brighten’ someone’s day with a thoughtful and beautifully scented candle (or a beautiful and thoughtfully scented one) and here’s why they make such fantastic presents:

Evoke Memories

Certain smells trigger powerful memories and usually these are emotional memories connected to our past that we wouldn’t always recall, until that particular scent is smelt. Without going into the science behind it, the fact that you can be instantly reminded of a memory long forgotten is immense. 

The particular scent of a candle can literally stop you in your tracks as you are whisked away, wrapped in the memory of someone or something, to a journey down memory lane. It’s a wonderful feeling, and sometimes emotionally overwhelming, discovering memories that haven’t surfaced in a long time. If you can get the right scent for the person you are buying for it can evoke some truly amazing memories.


The soft glow of a lit candle provides a warm and cosy feel, transforming a room into a comfortable and relaxing space to unwind. The captivating flicker of a candle can not only be mesmerizing but it can calm and soothe too. Add them to the bathroom for a tranquil spa evening at home, the dinner table for an intimate romantic evening for two or place them around a fireplace for a real snug evening vibe.

Romantic candlelit dinner for two

Great Unisex Gift

Candles don’t have a gender, making them suitable for just about anyone (*not children obviously, due to the safety risks). Men can be notoriously hard to buy for, but that really needn’t be the case. The variety of scents, shapes and colours means that you can pick out the perfect candle for any man in your life and know that he will love such a thoughtful gift. Infact, if you have an idea of the kind of scents they’re drawn to you can really show off just how well you know them with a candle they’ll love - impressive and considerate!

Improve Room Decor

There are so many styles of candles that we’re sure you’ll have no problem finding one that fits into their decor. From colour and scent to the container it’s housed in you’ll be completely spoilt for choice. Even if they remain unlit they can still make any shelf, table or mantelpiece look stylish and gorgeous.

Fireplace with candles

All Occasion Gift

You can send someone a candle for literally any occasion. They can be themed with a message, for example happy birthday, given as a thank you present, thoughtfully sent to someone going through a hard time or simply just as a ‘thinking of you’ gift. There are no limitations and you’ll easily find a style for anyone.

Natural Room Freshener & Mood Booster

Lit or unlit, scented candles can really transform a room and make it smell divine. Opt for citrus scented candles if you’re looking to give your room a lovely clean fresh scent or a musk scented one for a heavier full-perfumed aroma. 

Some even offer wellness benefits that can affect your mood depending on which essential oils they contain. Look for lavender for relaxation and to aid sleep, ylang ylang for its mood boosting properties, bergamot to reduce stress and help cultivate positive feelings or rose to decrease anxiety and tension. They really are scent-sational!

Wellness benefits candle and yoga

An Easy Gift

When shopping for candles you can very easily take the ‘one size fits all’ approach. You don’t need to know their measurements, skin tone or favourite colour before purchasing. You don’t even have to know their favourite scent. You can quite literally pick one and send it straight to their door and frankly, who wouldn’t be thrilled to bits with such a thoughtful present?!

Teaming a candle with other complementary products also makes a wonderful choice of gift. These luxury gift boxes both come with other beautiful products that sit perfectly next to a candle.

The All About Me gift box focuses on gifting someone some precious 'me-time', encouraging bath time relaxation with the soothing bath infusion and gently scented candle. This gift box also comes with the option to add a self-heating eye mask for an even more relaxing experience at home.

All About Me gift box with candle

All About Me Gift Box £30 (plus FREE delivery)

The Cosy Night In gift box (below) is all about spending the night indoors, relaxing and snuggling up with some lovely indulgent treats. The candle is a wonderful addition that helps to set a warm and cosy atmosphere whilst enjoying all of the other goodies that are in this gorgeous box.

Cosy Night In gift box with candle

Cosy Night In Gift Box £50 (plus FREE delivery) 


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