Why Buy A Mystery Gift Box?

Mystery gift boxes

We could answer that in one simple line… everyone loves surprises, right?! 

Ok, not everyone, but most of us delight in the thrill of something unknown and exciting winging its way to us. The unexpected feels good and that in itself is a wonderful thing. 

So, what exactly is a Mystery Gift Box? Well, they are little (or big) boxes of surprises. They are filled with unknown treats and gifts, usually with higher value than if the products were bought separately, and packed and wrapped into a gift box that can be sent directly to either yourself or your recipient. 

why buy a mystery gift box


Why buy a Mystery Gift Box? Mystery gifts are top secret! They are designed to surprise and delight and are usually sent as a ‘just because’ gift to show someone that you’re thinking of them. From the moment they land on the doorstep to the moment the box is opened, every step will intrigue and excite.

Want to put a really big smile on someone’s face? Go ahead and surprise them with a mystery gift! Surprises come in all shapes and sizes, just like our boxes, and they can be sent for any occasion or reason. From saying congratulations and happy birthday to thank you or ‘we’re thinking of you’ our mystery gifts make present buying so much more interesting.

Mystery gifts are becoming increasingly popular, making present buying a breeze for someone who is struggling with what to buy. Sending someone flowers is a wonderful and thoughtful thing to do but for those who are looking for a more creative and ‘different’ gift, mystery boxes are exciting and unique for both the buyer and the recipient and, let's not forget, super quick and easy to buy. No more time-consuming hunting around the shops in desperation for the perfect present. The fun isn’t limited to the recipient either as the buyer will have no idea what they’ve just gifted. You can even treat yourself to one as there’s no way of knowing what's inside, you can just rest assured it'll be good… if it’s a Leith & Gray one!

mystery gift box for her Mystery gift box for himMystery letterbox gift

We have mystery gifts ranging from letterbox size, that can be delivered right through their door, to larger luxury boxes all filled with beautiful, thoughtful gifts that you’ll find on our website, past and present. One thing you can be sure of… your gift will bring a whole lot of happiness and joy, to yourself and to your recipient.  

What a mysteriously magical way to send someone some love!

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