What Makes A Good Care Package?

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What makes a good care package?

For all of life’s occasions, happy and sad, here is why a care package is sure to hit the right spot.

Care packages are a wonderful way to spread a little cheer and show someone you’re thinking of them when you can’t be there in person. A care package can be sent to either lift someone’s spirits when they are down, to celebrate life’s milestones and happy occasions, to send to a child leaving for college or uni giving them little pieces of home comforts or sometimes there is no reason at all and you just want to send something their way because you’ve been thinking of them.

Whatever the reason, when you can't be there to offer support and be that shoulder to cry on, it's important to let someone know they aren't forgotten and that they are in your thoughts, no matter how far away they are.

What is a care package?

A care package is an unexpected gift box, basket or parcel filled with thoughtful, comforting and enjoyable items, sent as a gift to someone to show you’re thinking of them when you can’t be there in person. 

There are so many options to choose from to make a really good care package, but ultimately what you decide goes inside will be dependent on the occasion it’s for. 

Anyone going through a hard time

If a nearest and dearest is going through a tough time right now, a care package to show them they are loved is just the thing to help lift their spirits, even if only for a short period. Combining self-care and comforting gifts will provide some welcome relief and relaxation when stress levels have been high and hugs have maybe been low. 

This ‘All About Me’ gift box shows them that they are in your thoughts and it really is all about them right now. A soothing candle, relaxing bath infusion and comforting chocolate is almost like receiving a real hug in the post.

All about me care package


If a friend or loved one is going through, or recovering from, an illness then putting together a package containing books, magazines and items that give them something to do can be a thoughtful idea to take their mind off any pains or worries. A mindful colouring book, a book of their favourite puzzles or a really gripping novel from their favourite genre are all great gift choices to keep them occupied.

Moving Day

Maybe someone you know is moving into their first property and you’d like to send a new home care package to help them through those stressful, and hectic, first few days (or weeks!) Mugs, biscuits, tea or coffee and snacks would probably go down a storm when everything else is packed in boxes and there isn’t a cup in sight to make a much needed home brew.

Head over to our Create Your Own Gift page to add this handy selection of treats to your gift package. Trust us, they'll thank you for it and you might even get a cuppa and a seriously tasty biscuit in return!

new home care package 

A Child Heading off to Uni or College

Leaving home for the first time brings about a whole mix of emotions. Excitement, nervousness, anticipation are just a few but the biggest and hardest to overcome is missing all the home comforts.

Aside from packing up everything but the kitchen sink, students are hungry people so anything containing food is sure to be a winner. Being on a tight budget means that snacks, treats and self care items are probably way down on a student's priority list but this perfect package contains just the right mix of all three - something sweet to eat, something delicious to drink and something divine to relax into. 

Plus, at only £24 and with FREE delivery to their door, it really is a sweet treat!

Box of treats care package

New Job

When your best friend or family member lands their dream job, you'll probably want to congratulate them on their new role with a gift and preferably something that shouts "I'm so proud of you". After all there's no better way to recognise all of their hard work than with a surprise care package landing on their doorstep!

If you're looking for something more compact, how about this celebration letterbox package that can be delivered right through their door and is guaranteed to bring a happy smile to their face. Inside they'll be delighted with the fizzy popping bubbles in the strawberry champagne chocolate bar, the cute non-alcoholic gummy bears will have them enjoying all the flavour of Prosecco without the after effects and the tinted lip balm is the perfect addition to their make up routine for a great first day impression.

Celebration care package

Alternatively, if you're on the hunt for something a little more luxurious, how about this 'Quiet Retreat' gift box that includes a gorgeous notebook and pen, a beautifully scented candle that will make any desk space look, and smell, divine, hand cream to keep their hard working hands looking their best and a brightening face mask to keep their skin looking and feeling as fresh as a daisy.

A little thought can make the world of difference to someone going through any range of emotions, whether they are happy ones or sad ones and sending them a care package to show them you care really is the perfect gift you can give them when you can't be there in person.


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