What Is A Curated Gift Box?

Curated gift boxes

When we set up Leith & Gray we started with pre-curated gift boxes, perfect for those of us who either don’t have the time to shop around or have no clue about what to buy but still have great taste and love getting inspired by something that’s beautifully curated and a little out of the ordinary. We then included our custom gift box builder, allowing you to curate your very own gift box tailored to your loved ones needs.

But what is a curated gift box and why would you choose one?

It’s a good question and one we get asked a lot.

A curated gift is something that has been carefully chosen and thoughtfully organised or presented. It is a collection of pre-selected items that are chosen with a certain someone in mind and presented in a gift box. It’s a combination of sourcing fabulous products and arranging them in such a fashion that they all complement each other and look great together. Essentially you’re making presents more presentable!

Celebration letterbox gift Baby girl curated gift boxCurated gift box for the new home

We source the products for our gift boxes from other small UK businesses as we not only love the idea of supporting small brands but we’ve also found that they are far more passionate about their products. They are most definitely more unique and exciting than the gifts you find on your local high street.

Curated gift boxes not only make gift giving easier - without a clear idea of what type of gift to buy friends, family or co-workers gift shopping can become a complete minefield - they also make it more thoughtful and special for your loved ones. 

Whether it’s a pre-curated gift box that’s been pre-filled by us and ready-to-ship to your recipient or one that you curate yourselves, there’s something for everyone and they are perfect for every occasion. In fact, the feedback we hear most from our customers is how our gift boxes mean so much more than a bunch of flowers or a gift from a large chain store.

So, now you know what a curated gift is why not start shopping for the perfect present today. We have something for everyone and boxes for all occasions.

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