Tips for Creating the Perfect Birthday Gift Box

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Tips for creating the perfect birthday gift box

Birthdays. They’re all about that one person, an entire day focused on them, a day for celebrations and fun and fabulously wonderful gifts. There, we said it… gifts

That one little word can bring with it a whole mix of emotions. The desire to find something out of the ordinary and something that you know they’ll love, can leave even those who adore shopping for gifts a little stressed.

The pressure is on and let’s face it, choosing that perfect birthday present suddenly becomes a chore when it should be oh so much fun.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way and we have all the tips here, in one place, to help you create the most perfect and original gift that they will love… a box full of truly fabulous treats designed to put the biggest smile on their birthday face!

With a box full of goodies you’ll be covering all bases - variety, hopefully some new brands to discover, a beautifully themed gift and lots of treats to enjoy, share or use over and over again.

Tip 1. It all starts with the gift box

All those presents need to be well presented and a gift box works perfectly for this. Some things to consider when choosing a gift box:

It’s important to get the sizing right - too big and your gifts can look a little sad, spread out too thinly. Too small and everything gets bunched together giving a slightly messy and poorly presented look. Neither look you’d want to aim for.

It’s also good to think about the products inside the box. If they err on the side of luxury, you really want a box that matches that. If you’re going for a more playful/fun theme then a plain box with a well designed sticker or print will match those products well. 

Check how well made the gift box is. If you’re thinking about adding any heavy items you will want to make sure the box can hold everything without the risk of it falling apart!

Choose your style of gift box


Tip 2. Work out your budget

Along with the box costs there will be postage costs, packaging costs (think about how you’ll be presenting everything inside the box) and the product costs. If you want to wrap it then you’ll need gift wrap and, it goes without saying, a birthday card! All of these add extra costs to the gift itself.

Tip 3. Go with a theme

If you care about aesthetics we suggest you go with a theme for your gift. It could be particular products with a birthday-theme, colours that look great together, a box full of products that complement each other, for example a relaxation gift box containing an eye mask, pillow spray and a soothing candle. Knowing some of their likes and dislikes will help you to work out what kind of theme to aim for.
Choose a theme for your gift box


Tip 4. Have fun selecting your gifts

Now that your theme is sorted you can go all out on selecting your gifts to go inside. Head to places that offer many products all in one place to cut down on postage costs, if you’re shopping online. Or, if you prefer seeing things in person, be sure to head to a high street with a great variety on offer. Sometimes the local high street shops can be a little limiting and shopping online can often be better for finding products that are a little more unique with the added benefit of being from amazing small businesses.

Tip 5. Write your message

No gift is complete without your wonderful words to go with it. You know them best so we don’t think that you need any help here!

Tip 6. To wrap or not to wrap

If your gift box is well designed then you might want to leave it as it is and show it off in all it’s beauty, or you could tie a simple ribbon around it to make it look more professional.

If you’d like to add even more mystery to the gift, we’d definitely suggest wrapping it. 

Gift wrapping ideas for birthday gift 

Tip 7. Use this tip if you want someone to do all of this for you!

For stress-free, quick and super easy gift shopping, head over to our website to discover beautiful ready-made birthday gift boxes that can either be shipped direct to your recipient’s door or to yours. We even handwrite your card and gift wrap for you too. 

Gifting has never been so easy!


  • Thank you so much Lou! Have fun creating!

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  • I love this idea. Super helpful tips – thank you!


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