Our Top Tips For Getting Organised This Christmas

Getting organised for Christmas 2020

Hands up who gets flustered after leaving everything to the last minute every Christmas! 

We’ve all been there haven’t we - thinking we have all the time in the world until it creeps up on you and it’s a mad rush to get everything organised in time. We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve promised ourselves it won't happen next year because we’ll get planning months before the big day. Yet, time and time again, Christmas whizzes by in a blur of stress and panic. There’s no jolly in that! 

Christmas this year may be a little different (thanks Covid-19) and who knows if we’ll be able to visit family and friends, but one thing we do know for sure is that this year, no matter what, we’re going to be ready and organised well ahead of time. No more overwhelming, mounting pressure for us and the kids will most definitely thank us for it! We’re sharing our tips with you so that you too can sit back and enjoy the festivities knowing all is taken care of. 

Start Early 

Or start even earlier! As obvious as that sounds most of us still don’t plan enough ahead. Whilst we agree that planning Christmas in the summer holidays is overkill and certainly one way of ruining a good holiday, we do believe starting sooner rather than later can really ease the load. 

Grab yourself a notepad and pen and get planning!

A5 soft touch tan notebook     Rose gold ballpoint pen


We can’t stress this enough but you can never have too many lists and they serve as useful reminders of things that need doing, remembering and sorting.

Whilst it may feel like your Christmas list is never ending, seeing the jobs written down in front of you not only allows you to prioritise the important jobs but it also gives you some focus on where and how to start, preventing you from running around like a headless turkey! You’ll also get a great sense of satisfaction ticking off every task as you go!

To make it even easier, try breaking bigger jobs down into smaller, more manageable little jobs so that it all feels more doable and not so overwhelming.


What better time than Christmas to start thinking about having a good old clear out. There are usually lots of items we hold on to all year round that never see the light of day. Use the time leading up to Christmas to go through any unwanted clothes, toys, books, toiletries - even out of date food at the back of your fridge or cupboards - and start dropping them off at Charity shops or giving them to friends or neighbours if they have any need for them. We don't suggest you do that with the out of date food though!


Make sure you write a list of everyone you buy for and set a budget for each person, including your overall budget… and stick to it! It will help you to stay grounded when the crazy rush of buying starts happening. It’s all too easy to go completely overboard at Christmas and then regret it the following month when you’re strapped for cash.

Plan your Christmas spending budget

Use the link below to calculate your Christmas budget and find out what you can afford to be spending. It’s important to remember that Christmas is just one day afterall. 

The Budget Planner, Martin Lewis

Avoid the Queues

Beat the Christmas rush and make your shopping really simple this year by shopping online. You can even save on postage if you buy most of your gifts from the same place.

We make things super easy here at Leith & Gray with gifts for everyone on your list. There’s free delivery on orders over £70 and we can take the hard work away by wrapping your gifts for you and sending them out direct to your loved ones. This option is extra handy this year as who knows what the rules will be when it comes to seeing family and friends at Christmas?

Take a look at our ready made gift collections here or head over to our custom gift box builder where you can fill a gift box with a selection of products that you know your recipient will love.

Plan Meals

Think ahead and plan out your menu for the week. There is so much food wastage over the festive period but planning your meals will not only reduce how much gets thrown out, it will save you a bit of money too. It’s also much easier doing the food shopping when you know all of the ingredients and the quantities that you’ll be needing.

You can even do an early shop for all of the cupboard ingredients as these won’t go out of date like the fresh fruit, vegetables and meat.

Book Activities Early

We’ve got everything crossed that Christmas events will be going ahead as normal, or as socially distanced as they can, this year and we advise booking early to avoid any disappointment. Things get booked up ridiculously early on in the year, before Christmas is even on our minds, so it might help to make a list of the places you would really like to visit and book a couple of them way ahead of time.

Wrap As You Go

Get in the festive spirit and wrap those presents as you go. If you’re buying gifts early get them all wrapped up and put away to reduce any last minute panic and stress. 

Check out our gift wrapping service here if you're thinking of buying from us and want to make things easier for yourself in the run up to Christmas.

Christmas gift wrap

So, there you have them... our tips for a stress free, relaxing and enjoyable Christmas. If you have any other handy tips please do share them in the comments below. Every little helps!

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