The Power of the Handwritten Note

Gift box and notecard


It’s a sad fact that handwritten notes grow rarer by the day.

We can’t deny that technology is wonderful at allowing us to easily keep in touch with friends and family daily in the form of emails, facebook and other social media platforms, but it’s no substitute for the sentimental value that handwritten notes and letters hold. 

Emails and text exchanges are great and instant but they will never be treasured in the way that handwritten letters have been treasured over the years. When was the last time you saw or held a stack of saved letters tied with a ribbon and tucked away for reading at a later date, knowing that you’ll be transported back to earlier eras of your life? 

Envelopes of all shapes, sizes and colours, stamps from near and far, addresses from an earlier lifetime and the familiar handwriting of old friends and family members - the emotions of seeing and reading these letters can be so powerful and the memories so strong.

Gone are the days of sitting excitedly by the window waiting for the postman to walk up your driveway with a bunch of letters in his hand and hoping that one of them would be addressed to you. Seeing the letter fall to the floor through your letterbox, the touch and feel of the paper, the recognition of the handwriting, you can almost feel the emotion through the words. There is something incredibly unique about someone’s handwriting that will never come across in an email, no matter how well it’s written.

The world needs handwritten letters more than ever now

Letters, unlike emails, are tangible. Paper has a certain feel and texture and even a smell to it. The words, so carefully written on the page, tell you so much more about that person’s character and individuality than any email or text ever will. 

When you receive a handwritten letter, if you’re lucky enough to these days, you know straight away that so much care and thought has gone into it. From the time spent writing out their thoughts to buying a stamp and heading off to the postbox to post it, you know that before the letter has even been read it’s telling you “I care about you, you are important to me”.  

If you’ve got something to say, say it with pen and paper. It’s such a memorable way to touch the people you love and a handwritten note saying ‘thank you’, ‘hello’ or ‘I’m thinking of you’ has a far bigger impact than any email, text or DM. 

Handwritten notecards

And if you’re buying a gift box from us then please know that we include a complimentary note card in each one. If you’re sending the gift directly to your recipient then you can add your message and we will hand write it for you because we know that due to the scarcity of handwritten cards and letters these days it creates a wonderful element of surprise and emotion and makes them mean so very much more. 

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  • Hi Tom, I’m afraid we don’t send out individual letters. We include a handwritten notecard in all of our gift boxes so your recipient knows who it’s from and why. Hope that helps!

    Leith & Gray
  • Hi there

    I need a basic normal handwriting letter, not complicated to write this letter. No ink, please.

    And send it to me as a pdf file. How much does that cost, please?



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