New Year, Same Us!

         2020 goals for new year

As 2020 begins, most of us are reflecting on the year gone by and thinking about making a fresh start, setting new goals and writing a long list of resolutions for the year ahead.

  • Lose weight
  • Go to the gym 4 times a week
  • Cut out chocolate
  • Drink less alcohol 
  • Get a new job

… the lists are endless and often vague and unachievable.

This cycle of making goals or resolutions and never achieving them is setting us up for feelings of failure and negativity before we are even out of January!

According to statista only a mere 24% of Brits said they were able to stick to all of their New Year resolutions in 2019!

Most of the goals we set are so hard to stick by because they are behavioural changes. We are telling ourselves to change who we are and how we behave as soon as the New Year rings in. The trouble is that our habits and behaviours are deeply rooted from childhood and take us into adulthood. They make up our personalities and traits, our emotions and needs and by expecting ourselves to change is putting failure right in front of us. 

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(Photo by: Matthew Henry)

Before the year has had a chance to begin we are on the road to negativity, feeling like we’ve lost, quit, given up.

When you think about it, the chances are your life doesn’t actually need any major changes. Instead, why not reflect on all of your accomplishments from the year gone by and review them. Focus on your successes and high points. Revel in the small, or big, achievements and make a list of them. Get excited for what the year ahead may hold. These feelings of positivity and excitement are what we should be starting the New Year with. 

So, no resolutions for us. No feelings of ‘I must” and then guilt because we quit. No negativity here thanks! Instead we are going to just stop, stay in the present and be ready and enjoy whatever is to come.

                                      Black and white stop sign

If you want to set any kind of goals this year make it this - to not set any New Year resolutions! Just allow you to be you. You are enough.

Happy 2020 to you all and here’s to remaining the same us!        

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