It Started With a Breakdown....


Every business has to start somewhere and whilst we would love to tell you ours started with something super exciting, it didn’t. It started with a breakdown on the A45 in Birmingham, 144 miles from home, with one of us having an argument with the wifi and the other desperately needing the loo!



Actually, that’s not entirely true. The day started out pretty well. For months we had been talking about setting up a business together, hatching all sorts of great plans that never went anywhere. But this one idea, that we just couldn’t shake, had us driving up to the NEC in Birmingham for the Spring Fair trade show in a very old and very, until that day, reliable little car. 


With two and a half hours on the road talk turned to business plans, which quickly turned to food, briefly back to our plans and on to food again! Food fuels ideas don’t you know and it helpfully passes the time!


The trade show was an experience in itself. So much so that maybe we’ll blog about that another time. There is an incredible amount to take in and so much to think about but what struck us the most was how supportive everyone was of each other. It’s a rather lovely thing to experience.


You do also spend an awful lot of time on your feet at trade shows. They start to throb in time to the ache in your head! It’s pretty exhausting and when we were ready to leave, what felt like twenty hundred hours later, we literally jumped into that car desperate for home. 

Come to think of it, maybe it was the jumping that finally killed it?



From there began the AA call, the tow truck not being able to tow us home, the wait in the nearby Toby Carvery (we are forever grateful for the lift, Mr AA driver), the extortionate cost to get upgraded in order to get towed home (I’m sure we could have just bought a second-hand car with that money and driven back ourselves) and finally the long, long journey back. From breakdown to bed took almost 10 hours!



(The Toby Carvary, Stonebridge, where we had a much needed delicious roast to keep us going! Nice selection of jugs too ;-))

BUT out of something bad usually comes something good and because of all that happened, the wheels were set in motion - ha, no pun intended - and the business plan started forming. 

 The rest, as they say, is history. 

 Or is it Leith & Gray?

There's only one way to tell and that's to click HERE to shop!




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