The 8 Best Things To Include In A Welcome Hamper

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A welcome hamper is perhaps one of the most important items in your holiday rental. It will almost certainly be one of the first things your guests see when they arrive so it’s imperative that it creates the right first impression.  

Your holiday rental is your income and so you absolutely don’t want to be eating into your profit margins so please don’t panic, you don’t need to break the bank. You can make a huge difference to your guests’ experience from the moment they arrive without having to spend a small fortune. Done cleverly, providing a few carefully considered items will only add a small cost to your letting but it can really impress your guests, make them instantly feel at home and really kick off their stay in style. It’s a fantastic opportunity not to be missed.

So, what should the ideal welcome pack for your holiday let comprise of? Here is our guide to the best things to include:-


Your guests will probably be tired, hungry and desperate for a cup of something hot when they arrive, so top of your list should be the fundamental home comforts like tea, coffee and a nice pack of biscuits. The last thing they’ll want to do after a long journey is go straight out again to the shops so if the basics are there for them (ideally also including fridge essentials such as milk, eggs & butter) then they’ll no doubt be extremely grateful.


If you want to spoil your guests a little more then consider extending your offerings of drinks such as hot chocolate, herbal teas and maybe even decaffeinated coffee. These items really don’t cost a lot but are an easy way to add welcome variety to a holiday hamper.

selection of organic tea bags



On the subject of drinks. If you want to really get your guests into the holiday spirit then a bottle of something fizzy (it doesn’t need to be champagne at all) in a wine cooler with the appropriate glasses already set out next to it will really impress. Our two families were greeted by this (see photo below) when we arrived at our French villa a few years ago on holiday and we still remember it very fondly.


welcome champagne and glasses in French villa



Especially important if you have children coming. Add some individual cartons of juice or maybe even a bottle of cordial to the hamper that kids & the odd adult can enjoy too.


Is there a more welcoming smell than the smell of freshly baked goods? Not that we can think of!  If you are a keen baker then how about making a cake for your guests to devour on arrival or perhaps pick up some fresh pastries or croissants from a local bakery for them to enjoy at their first breakfast?

welcome cake


This is also where you can work with & support other local businesses. They might be able to offer you and your guests a special discount or deal in return for you regularly including their goods in your welcome hamper and letting your guests know about their business and encouraging them to shop there during their stay (this can be as simple as discretely including their business card or shop leaflet in your hamper).


In our opinion, you are always onto a good thing with chocolate. Are there children in the party? If so, why not include a little kid friendly chocolate treat for them too.

You could even use this as an opportunity to have some branded chocolate made with the logo & name of your retreat, it’s not nearly as expensive as you think. Plus advertising through the means of chocolate – what’s not to love!


Every region has something unique to offer, just think cream teas from Devon and Cornwall or Parkin from Yorkshire.  

Artisan products from small local businesses are very much in vogue so it’s great if you can find a foodie gift that represents your area. Maybe your part of world is famous for a special cheese? Crackers and locally produced chutney would complement it perfectly and give your hamper some real provenance. On the whole, visitors are interested in and want to try the local cuisine. Such an offering will not only add to their holiday experience but you’ll also be supporting other small local businesses. It will also mean that your welcome hamper will be so much more memorable and bespoke compared to a generic box stocked with supermarket brands.


local produce


Again, just like with bakery items, you may find that you can work with a local business who can provide a discount in return for you including some of their products & some information about them in your hamper.


A simple handwritten note to welcome guests to your holiday home adds a really personal touch. You could either choose to write it on a compliment slip or for a really professional touch - how about on a personalised postcard of your holiday home?  

Designing your own postcard is quick and easy through a company like Printedtrust us, we’ve designed a lot of our own ones! You only need to have one good photo of the property on the front (although you could obviously have more, maybe the exterior and interior and perhaps some of the local area or the view) & remember to add your website, social media and contact details on the reverse.   


writing postcards


Leaving a few extra postcards for them to send to their friends & family is an opportunity not to be missed, especially as personal recommendation is one of the best types of advertising there is.


Remember to tailor your hamper to suit your guests. The contents and size of your welcome gift should vary depending on the number & type of guests you have:-

  • Small Lets - If you are renting out a small 1 bed for a couple, then a welcome pack with the basics, plus perhaps a bottle of something fizzy would be more than enough.
  • Family friendly – If you are expecting children then think about incorporating little treats such as sweets, chocolate, or a simple puzzle book into your hamper. Keeping them happy and occupied whilst the parents unpack is priceless – we’ve been there, we know all too well!
  • Pets Welcome  - If you are a dog friendly property and are expecting a four-legged friend, then add a chew or some dog biscuits to your hamper. We are a nation of animal lovers so if you’ve given your guests’ beloved pet some special thought then they will probably be very touched.
  • Special occasions - If you know your guests are coming to celebrate something special then you may want to consider leaving them a little extra treat, if it’s a big birthday then perhaps a little cake and some candles or perhaps a small bunch of flowers.  



Are you able to check your guest’s dietary requirements before they arrive? If not, is it something that you could think of adding to your booking form? Paying attention to their individual needs, especially their dietary requirements, shows real consideration & attention to detail which won’t go unnoticed.

For example, if you know you have a coeliac staying then including a pack of gluten free biscuits would go down really well. If they are vegan then how about some vegan chocolate? These little touches will make them feel like their welcome hamper has been tailor made just for them.

vegan chocolate


Equally, especially if you don’t know their requirements then it’s a good rule of thumb to stay away from including things like nuts in your welcome hampers and maybe opt for a nice bag of gourmet crisps instead. Talking as a family with a child with a peanut allergy, we’ve been to holiday lets where the owner has kindly left nuts as a gift and it’s made us feel anything but relaxed. 



If you wanted to keep your welcome hamper fresh and current then you could consider changing one or two products depending on the season. For example in winter, especially around firework night & Christmas, you could include some mulled wine or some festive edible goodies?  Likewise, in high summer or around Wimbledon time then a couple of cans of Pimms would no doubt be very well received.

christmas hamper


Presentation is paramount as this is where you can really create the ‘wow’ factor. There’s no point going to the time & trouble of choosing a selection of products if you aren’t then going to arrange them attractively & make them look enticing

Welcome hampers are traditionally wicker baskets lined with shredded paper, but you can choose whatever suits the style of your holiday home. For example, a wooden crate might be more in keeping with a rustic farm cottage, but if you rent somewhere more luxurious or modern in design, then you’d probably rather opt for a more contemporary style, like one of our hampers.


Leith and gray pink hamper


Bear in mind that you want your guests to notice your hamper immediately so make sure to leave it somewhere obvious, the kitchen table is probably the safest bet. Think about presenting homemade cakes on a covered cake stand & remember to mention in a welcome note, any products that are in the fridge.

Your time is valuable too so make sure your offering can be assembled quickly and easily. Keep a list of what you need, stock up on the non-perishables and choose a maximum of one or two local shops where you need to collect (or better still get them to deliver) fresh products from on changeover day.

Just putting a bit of thought and effort into your welcome hamper can reap huge rewards. Not only will it set the tone for the rest of your guests’ visit but it will also help to:-

  • Leave a great lasting impression.
  • Get great comments in your guestbooks.
  • Encourage repeat bookings.
  • Achieve 5* or 10/10 reviews.
  • Get word of mouth recommendations.
  • Help you stand out from the competition.
  • Move your property listing up websites such as Air B’n’b.

Whether it’s for a one off rental or you have a whole list of properties on your books, if you need help with welcome pack ideas, then Leith & Gray have years of experience in creating beautiful boxed gifts. 

If you are interested in us working with you to create your own welcome hampers, then please enquire here and we would be more than happy to discuss your requirements. 

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