How To Put Together A Mother's Day Self-Care Package

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Treat your mum this Mother's Day with some rest and relaxation. Here, Hayley Baddiley from Denby shares her tips for putting together a self-care package that your mum is sure to appreciate. 

This Mother's Day, you no doubt want to find the perfect present to show your mum just how much she means to you. If your mum spends all her time taking care of everyone else and doesn't have much time for herself, why not give her the gift of self-care?

Taking some time out of her busy day for a little self-pampering can help your mum focus on herself and how she's feeling. These activities don't have to be anything too time consuming, either. Whether she likes curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a book, or she enjoys a spot of gardening, give a gift that will help her to take some time out. 

So, why not treat Mum to a little time to herself this Mother's Day by creating your own self-care hamper? I'll be going through each step so you can put together the perfect gift.

Deciding what to put in your hamper 

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The first step to putting together a hamper is choosing what to put in it, so have a think about the kinds of things your mum enjoys. For example, is she a keen gardener, a tea lover, or does she like a bit of arts and crafts? Then, you can include items that you know she will love but will also give her chance to enjoy a bit of mindfulness.

Any great hamper will offer a selection of different items. For example, you might want to include a few indulgent treats such as skincare and chocolates, as well as some relaxing activities she can do to unwind, such as colouring books or a journal. Some ideas of what to put in your Mother's Day self-care hamper include:
  • A scented candle or reed diffuser in a beautiful and reusable ceramic pot
  • Luxury skincare products such as hand creams, facemasks, and soaps
  • A nailcare kit
  • Tea or coffee and a cosy handcrafted mug
  • A teapot, coffee dripper, or cafetière 
  • A selection of chocolates or sweets
  • Fluffy socks
  • A robe and slippers
  • Stationery such as a notebook and pen so she can write down her thoughts or doodles
  • An adult colouring book
  • Some seeds to plant
  • A houseplant to look after

Choosing the right container

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One you've decided what to put in your hamper, the next step is to choose the perfect container. You can choose any kind of container you like, from a basket to a cardboard box. You could also consider using a large serving bowl. This way, your mum can reuse it afterwards. 

When choosing your container, it's important to consider the size. Hampers tend to need plenty of room for filler (such as wood wool or recycled shredded paper), as well as space to lay each gift out beautifully. While you're choosing your container, it might be helpful to lay your self-care gifts out as you'd want them before measuring the width and height so you know just how much room to give.

Adding a personal touch

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While you've been putting your relaxing gift together, you've no doubt chosen items that you know your mum will love, but why not add an extra personal touch? You could include a handwritten note or card telling your mum just how much she means to you.

You could also consider making your own bespoke gift wrap using recycled paper and stamps. Another attractive and eco-friendly option is to wrap your hamper in a scarf, giving your mum an extra gift to enjoy!


This Mother's Day, why not give your mum some time to pamper herself? Hopefully, this guide has given you everything you need to get started on your self-care package, so you can show Mum just how special she is.

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