Happy Halloween!

Whether it's the excitement of dressing up for 'trick or treat', the adrenaline rush of feeling scared or that we're all just in it for the candy (hey, who isn't?!) there are so many reasons to get excited about this one-day-only event that seems to be getting bigger year after year. Here, at Leith & Gray, are our top 5 reasons why we love Halloween so much:

The Atmosphere

With the clocks turning back an hour, the dark, cold evenings drawing in and the trees rapidly shedding their autumn leaves and taking on an eerie, sinister look, you can almost smell the Halloween excitement in the air! Or is that the smell of Halloween fear?

Pumpkin Picking

The race is on at 'pick your own' farms to be the first to find the biggest/smallest/ugliest/prettiest/most unusual shaped pumpkins you can. The kids love it, the grown ups love it and everyone gets muddy whilst benefitting from a good old dose of fresh air! It's also far more exciting than buying ready-picked pumpkins from the shops.

pumpkin picking pick your own       colourful pumpkins

Pumpkin picking at Stanhill Farm this year.

Halloween Food

There are far better images on the internet we're sure - or maybe there aren't - but we like to showcase our many hidden talents here at Leith & Gray.

jelly and gummy worms halloween pudding bowl    carrot and almond fingers halloween food    chocolate spider fairy cakes halloween puddings

(recipes adapted from BBC Good FoodFood and Sainsburys)

The squeals of delight from the children also make it more than worth the effort!

Dressing the Kids in Ridiculous Outfits

No explanation needed - the picture says it all.

baby dressed for halloween with mask

The Candy

Let's be honest, the end result is always the best result when it comes to Halloween. After all that pounding of the cold, dark streets, looking our scariest and trying not to lose any children in the process we deserve to crash onto the sofa and tuck into their stash (once they're safely tucked into their beds)...

...As if! 

Our children have photographic memories where sweet things are concerned - we'd never get away with it.

Luckily for us there's always the Sweet Treats and Candy Time boxes we could dip into... 

       Sweet treats Prosecco chocolate, butter fudge and vanilla marshmallows

...or maybe we'll save them for you.

(You might want to hurry though, we're DEAD hungry!) 



       Eerie graveyard with tombstones at night

 Image by kalhh from Pixabay





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