Gift Ideas for Your Wedding Party

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Summer is getting closer and closer which means so is wedding season! 

Weddings involve an unbelievable amount of planning from the get-go right through until the day itself. Securing the date and perfect venue, ordering the stationery, finding THE dress, deciding on a colour scheme, choosing the menu, picking the flowers...the list goes on & on. 

In amongst all of that and helping you navigate this amazingly busy and exciting time in your life is your wedding party, a group of your most loved ones who you will most likely want to show your appreciation for by buying them a special gift to say thank you for all that they’ve done to support you.  


Buying a range of thoughtful gifts for everyone can seem extremely daunting, especially with everything else that also has to be organised, but it really doesn’t need to be. We’ve broken it down into some simple ideas for everyone in your party, that we hope will give you the inspiration & confidence you need.

bride and bridesmaids



She is arguably the most important person (bar of course the bride & groom) in the wedding party & the person with the most responsibility so you will probably want to spend the most on her. You may want to give her something lovely to help with all the planning she’ll be involved in in the run up to the wedding such as a special notebook and pen, and/or how about a pampering treat to help her relax after it’s all over - she'll probably need it! 

gift ideas for the maid of honour or chief bridesmaid



There is so much choice when it comes to what to give your bridesmaids although it’s a always good rule of thumb to give them all something very similar to each other so as not to show favouritism (the last thing you want at your wedding is any kind of ill-feeling or brewing tension!) 

It could be something that they can wear during the day but also in years to come, such as a shawl or pretty scarf to go with their dress and keep them warm as the day turns to night. Jewellery is also a popular choice. How about choosing matching pretty necklaces, bracelets or pairs of earrings (make sure you know whether they have their ears pieced or not) for all the bridesmaids to wear on the wedding day?  

bridesmaids with matching shawls
Or, if you want to send something to thank them after the wedding, a gift box is a good option and that's something we at Leith & Gray know lots about! You could either make your own gift boxes up by choosing the products yourself (you could even choose colours that matched your wedding palette) or you can send one of our ready to go ones. Our Girls Night Gift Box & Thank You Letterbox Gift are perfect for bridesmaids.
Girls Night gift box & letterbox gift box



Like bridesmaids, it's a good idea to get all the ushers something similar. A hip flask if often traditionally given to the male members of the wedding party, but why not also give them a bottle of their favourite tipple too to put in the flask!


best men at a wedding



Something special to wear on the day is another popular choice (and ensures everyone looks as you wanted them to look!) Our husbands were ushers together almost 20 years ago and were both given a lovely shirt to wear which believe it or not they are still wearing to this day! Socks, laces & pocket hankies to compliment the colour of waistcoats and cummerbunds can also look really slick. 

Matching socks and laces for ushers


Remember however that the best man has played a much bigger part than the ushers. He's been the groom's right hand man for the past few months, organising the stag do and looking after the groom on the morning of the wedding (and usually the night before) calming his nerves & making sure he gets to the church on time!  It's normal practise to therefore give him something else or something in addition to the ushers presents, such as a beautiful pair of cufflinks or a timeless watch. 


flower girl and page boy



Hair accessories or jewellery for the flower girl to wear during the day can be a really good idea. Equally anything to keep the younger members of the party entertained at the table will also go down well and will probably be greatly appreciated by their parents too. Portable little puzzles or simple games are great and little ones are always delighted with sweets or chocolates.

present ideas for flower girls and page boys - puzzles and hair accessories



Traditionally the bride's father used to often pay for the entire wedding. However times & roles have changed and a lot of couples are paying for their own weddings.  Nowadays it's really based on personal preference and circumstance. A heart felt thank you during the speeches will often suffice. However if you do want to give something then how about a silver photo frame that you can add a wedding photo to in the future. 


parents of the bride & groom



There's no hard or fast rule on this and it's really completely up to you and what you want to do. Traditionally it’s during the speeches but if you’ve bought them something to wear or use during the day then make sure it's given to them beforehand.

wedding breakfast with party favours



There are of course more people involved in a wedding than just the wedding party - all of the wedding guests! They usually get something little to say thank you which is at their place when they sit down to dinner. Sugared almonds used to often be given but now there's so much more variety. We went to a wedding last year where one of the wedding party handmade little wax melts for everyone which was such a thoughtful gift. Small scented candles or tea lights are also a great idea. Whatever you choose, just make sure they are little in size and also not too expensive as otherwise you're more than likely to blow your budget very quickly! It works really well if you make sure the colour of the favour matches the rest of the table arrangement, the flowers & napkins, etc. Our create your own gift box section on our website is organised into colour so you can look at that for ideas. 

For more ideas for wedding party gifts, head to our website and either look at our ready to go boxes or create your own boxes. Good luck in your wedding planning and make sure you soak in and enjoy every part of your wonderful day. 

Lots of Love

Lucy & Lucy xx

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