7 Gift Ideas For New Mums That She'll Love

gift ideas for new mum


If there is ever a time in our lives when we need a bit of love and support then it’s when we become parents. Whether a friend or colleague has just found out they are expecting their 1st baby, or a loved one has just welcomed their 2nd, 3rd or maybe even 4th child into the family. Whatever their situation, it’s a time of huge change & upheaval and so a thoughtful gift goes a long long way. 

Between the two of us we have had 6 babies so we’d like to think we have the inside knowledge on what new mums actually really want & need as gifts!

New parents will probably be inundated with presents which is even more reason to make sure you don’t buy them something that everyone else has also already bought them. We remember being gifted a lot of 0-3 month outfits which barely got worn, especially as our babies just ended up living in sleepsuits & rompers for the 1st few months.  Flowers can be wonderful but please, not with a newborn! Those 1st few weeks are so unbelievably intense that you barely have time to go to the loo, let alone find the right size vase, arrange the flowers, keep them watered, etc. Frankly, the last thing you probably want to be given, is anything that requires any looking after, what you do want though and will be extremely grateful of, is something that helps look after you for a bit. 


new mum in need of looking after

You know your friend best, so if you want to send something unique, then you can build your own gift box on our website and pack it full of all the treats and goodies you know she likes or you think she might need at this special time. If you don’t know where to start then think about choosing products that help make those seemingly endless first days a little easier. 

Ideas To Include In A Gift Box For New Mums:-

  1. Chocolate or quite frankly anything edible will probably go down well. Looking after a baby is tiring work and if they are also being breastfed then the new mum will be needing to eat even more to keep her milk flow up. If that's not a good excuse to enjoy a good chocolate bar then you've got us stumped!
  2. Sleep mask - either a silk one or a self heating one. In our experience, lack of sleep was probably the hardest bit about being a new parent and so anything that helps you drift off quickly and gets you even a few more minutes shut-eye, will literally be a game changer.
  3. Ecoffee cup - for those endless hours pushing the pram around the park. Even a warm cup of tea or coffee feels like a luxury in those early weeks and will probably be much needed to combat those sleepless nights.
  4. Bath Salts - infused with essential oils, these are fantastic at relaxing the senses when it all becomes a bit overwhelming, plus anything to encourage a bit of me time is a great idea. 
ideas for build your own gift for new mums


Build your new mum box here

Or, if you are short on time and want to choose something from our ready made gift boxes, then we have lots for you to choose from. You can either opt for something just for the new mum or instead choose something that has both mum & baby in mind, it's entirely up to you. 

Gift Ideas For The New Mum

5. Early Night Gift Box

Our Early Night Gift Box, full of beautiful and pampering treats, is a great gift for new mums. With its luxury collection of calming and relaxing gifts, it really does encourage a bit of much needed me time. Inside it she'll find everything she needs to help to pamper, de-stress and recalibrate her mind & body. 

self care gift idea for a new mum

6. The Hamper

Another of our ready to go gift boxes for new mum's is The Hamper. This has the ideal mixture of pick me up gifts and a couple of pampering ones too. A portable and eco friendly coffee cup so she can have a warm cup of tea or coffee whilst she pushes the pram, a bar of chocolate to keep energy levels up during the day, a tube of hand cream, essential to combat sore hands with all those nappy changes, not to mention chamomile organic tea bags and scented tea lights to aid relaxation in the evening. 

gift idea for new mum with sweet treats and pampering

Gift Ideas for The New Mum & Baby

7. Hello Baby Box

Our Hello Baby Box is a great unisex option as it contains stylish and practical gifts for both mum & baby in it. The sleepy head spray will aid much needed sleep and the chocolate will be a delicious treat for whenever she's in need of an energy boost. The gorgeous monochrome muslin & teether set will not only look good but help comfort baby, as will the nourishing baby balm. 


gift idea for new mum & baby


You can view our new baby collection here.

All our gifts come with a choice of notecards which we can handwrite your personalised message in for you. For new mums and babies, our hello baby or congratulations cards are both great choices. 

notecards for new mum gifts

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