Create The Perfect Home Spa In 10 Easy Steps

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Unless you are one of the lucky few, so many of us don’t take time out just for ourselves. Long hours at work, busy home lives & family pressures mean us and our general wellbeing often ends up last in the queue for being looked after. 

A spa day in a gorgeous hotel is a wonderful luxury but can be not only prohibitively expensive but also really time consuming. Most of us just don’t have a whole day or that kind of budget to give over to focusing inwards on ourselves. It is however really important to slow right down once in a while, even if it's just for a couple of hours. Not only does it help to reduce stress & anxiety, but it is also incredibly beneficial for so many other reasons.

Setting aside an evening once a fortnight or maybe just once a month to transform our bathrooms into a pampering retreat is something that we can all hopefully achieve, but where to start?


girl relaxing in a bath


1. Preparation is key 

Make sure before you start that you have everything you are going to need. The last thing you want is to realise mid soak is that you’ve left something in the other room!

Set out an area with all the goodies you are going to use, make sure your dressing gown & towels are on the towel rail warming, put your favourite relaxing music on and maybe pour yourself a large glass of wine if you fancy it (after all, who said this was a detox spa!)

2. Create the right lighting

Tealights are a lovely way to do just this, dotting them around the place can instantly change the ambience and create a calming environment. These pomegranate & pepper ones from Cicely & May are not only extremely pretty but also have a warming, sensual and refreshing scent, perfect to aid relaxation. 


set of 4 pomegranate & pepper tea lights


3. Exfoliate         

Scrubbing away rough, dry or flaky skin, especially around the knees, feet & elbows is THE quickest way to create a radiant glow. Whenever we use these Bao Body Scrubs, we are left with skin that feels young, fresh & glowing.  


body scrub


4. Bathe

There’s nothing better than a long soak in a deep warm bath. Not only is it unbelievably relaxing to your mind & body, it also helps to relax muscles and ease tension. Plus, it increases blood flow to your skin and even releases endorphins which help you to feel great. Dissolve a handful of salts into a hot bath and it’ll elevate your bath to the next level.



5.  Cleanse

Make sure you choose a soap that isn’t drying to your skin. This one is not only gorgeously packaged in its own tin, it’s also enhanced with the natural goodness of milk which will nourish the skin and leave it healthy, soft & smooth.

Au Lait Milk Soap in a Tin


6.  Apply a Mask

Whatever your skin type, there’s a mask to help. Moreover, putting a mask on encourages you to do nothing more than just lay back and relax for a precious few minutes.  If your skin is in need of hydration then pick something like the Lapcos Aqua Hydrating Mask which will provide nourishment & vitality. If on the other hand you’d like something with anti-ageing benefits, then try their Pearl one which claims to reveal a healthy, illuminating complexion!  


7.  Don’t forget to Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

As soon as you are out of the bath and are wrapped up in your nice fluffy towel, start to moisturise. Top Tip - creams, lotions & oils often work so much better on slightly damp skin.



8. Get Handy

The best time to trim your nails is after a bath or show. Remember to also moisturise your hands and don’t forget to rub some of your hand cream into your cuticles.


9. Lip Service      

Don’t leave your lips out, especially in the cold winter months. Apply now but make sure you always carry a balm with you wherever you go to nourish, hydrate & protect your lips and keep them kissable all day long! 



10. What next?

The spa experience doesn’t need to and shouldn’t stop now. You’ve hopefully entered a wonderfully relaxed state & ideally you want to be in it and benefit from it for as long as possible. Put on your favourite pyjamas, a pair of cosy bed socks, a silk or self-heating eye mask and either listen to some calming tunes, a relaxing podcast or audiobook or best of all, treat yourself to an early night and some beauty sleep. 


You can either build your own spa experience or we have several gift boxes that encourage relaxation and the much needed luxury treat of a bit of “me-time” such as our new Pamper Hamper, which is available to buy from our ready made gift box collection. 

pamper hamper with candle, sleep spray, bath salts, pulse point roller and self heating eye mask


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