A Guide To The Best Thank You Gifts for Teachers

gift guide to the best gifts for teachers


The end of the academic year is fast approaching. Before we know it, all children will be moving classes and most probably changing teachers too. Some children and teachers will also be moving onto pastures new, basically it’s all change! 

For us, this year marks the end of an era. Our youngest child is in Year 6 and is therefore soon to leave primary school. Our other two also went to the same school (the eldest being in sixth form now) which means we’ve been at that school coming up for 12 years! 

In just a couple of months though that chapter of our lives will be over. Soon there will be no more waiting at the school gate come rain or shine, no more nervously watching them in their school plays & concerts and no more helping out on school trips, fairs and sports days. That’s why this year more than ever I want to properly thank the teachers and teaching assistants who have looked after, taught and cared for all three of my children over the years. 

So, what do you buy a teacher? This advice comes from a place of experience as in a previous life, believe it or not, I was a primary school teacher! I also have a lot of close friends who are still teachers so I not only remember but still get to hear first hand what goes down well!  These may well have been some of the factors which led to Leith & Gray being featured in Culture Whisper’s Guide to the Best Gifts for Teacher a couple of years ago. 

Let’s start with what not to gift a teacher!

A lot of parents & carers opt for fresh flowers - lovely, but not at the end of term and not when everyone has the same idea! One bunch is great, but not five or six or sometimes more! Not only do they then have the logistical nightmare of how to get them home along with the mountain of school stuff they are also trying to transport, but once home they then have to find enough vases, arrange them, change the water, etc. 

too many flowers

More importantly though, NEWFLASH! - your teacher may be about to go on a well deserved holiday! That means they won’t even be home to appreciate your gift and by the time they get home they’ll be left with lots of dead smelly flowers to deal with! Far safer to avoid your teacher feeling like she’s living in a flower shop and go with something that isn’t so perishable.

The Safe But Rather Dull Bet

Ask a teacher for an easy gift idea and you often get the reply of ...

"Oh I don’t know, maybe a bottle of something?"

This is a pretty safe bet, most people enjoy getting a nice bottle of wine or maybe even a bottle of something fizzy. However, if you are going to gift alcohol then it’s good to find out whether they drink or not. Saying that, although not ideal, it’s not the end of the world if they don’t, a bottle can be enjoyed by their family or guests or they can always regift it. 

bottle of wine


The Free Gift 

Some of my favourite memories from teaching have been when a child has given me something they’ve made themselves. A drawing or card handmade by them with their own words written by them inside, can be simply wonderful and often something their teacher will treasure for years to come. 


home-made picture


Gift Cards

Rather than giving small individual presents, some classes like to group together to give their teachers and teaching assistants one substantial present. Gift cards are great for this as they give the recipient the chance to buy something that they really want. Leith & Gray offer Gift Cards from £5 to £50. 


Leith & Gray Gift Cards


Personalised Gifts for Teachers 

If you want to choose a more thoughtful and considered gift then how about building your teacher a completely bespoke present on our website? When you 'Create Your Own Gift Box' you get to choose your own selection of thank you gifts tailored just for them. Bear in mind your child may have some really useful insights into what their teacher likes (or doesn't like) so don't forgot to ask them and include them in the selection process! 

build a gift


Gifts for Stationery Loving Teachers

Teachers go through notebooks & pens like no other profession. Why not treat them to something a bit special so they don’t have to raid the school stationery cupboard for one of the maths or spelling books for once! 

notebooks and pens


Sweet Treats for Teachers

Chocolates always go down well and we have something for all tastes: milk, truffles, white, dark and even vegan. How about perking up their playground duty and also adding a reusable cup and a box of organic teabags?


chocolate range
tea and mug


Gifts for Male Teachers

Parents often struggle with this one but they shouldn’t. You can put together a really nice box of goodies for them from the Create A Gift section of our website. Think a colourful box of socks, laces, chocolate, sweets. Alternatively, if you know their tipple of choice then you could go for something like some nice craft beers or an interesting bottle of red. 

gift ideas for male teachers


Smaller Gift Ideas

There are often other teaching and non teaching staff in the school that you also want to thank: the Headteacher, teaching assistants, peripatetic teachers, the ladies in the school office... the list goes on. You probably have a smaller budget in mind for these people but that doesn't mean that you still can't get them something special. 

Our Mystery Letterboxes for Him or Her are only £15 and include FREE DELIVERY.  

mystery letterbox for him or her
Or how about Our Self Care Letterbox Gift for just £18 (which also includes FREE DELIVERY)
self care letterbox gift


The Gift for that Special Teacher

We all have a favourite teacher from our childhood. Fond memories of them stay with us long after our school days are over. There will also most likely be one that has gone above and beyond for your child and you want to gift them something to demonstrate just how appreciative you are.  Our Curated Gift Boxes are a great option for this, for example:-

The Sleep Box - £48 (includes FREE DELIVERY) 

The Sleep Box


Rest & Restore -  £52 (includes FREE DELIVERY) 

Rest & Restore


Remember that any gift ordered from us comes with a free notecard that you can get your child to write their special message on (or we are more than happy to write it for you instead.) 

For more ideas, head to our website.

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