9 Top Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

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Mother's Day, Sunday 27th March

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For most of us, these last few years have proved difficult with the world in a pandemic, preventing us from seeing, or spending time with, our wonderful mums. Fortunately, with restrictions lifting and vaccinations providing protection, there is light at the end of the tunnel and Mother's Day is set to be huge this year. 

Whether it's your mum, your aunt, a friend's mum or any woman that you admire or has played an important role in your life, you'll want to celebrate and shower them with love on this special day. Most will, of course, be more than happy with just a big, much longed for hug, but for those who want to go all out and really spoil their favourite people, we've put together the best gift guide there is to make things a little (a lot) easier for you because, let's face it, shopping for our heroes is pretty tricky!

At Leith & Gray, you get TWO ways to shop for your mum. The first is for those who are short on time, unable to spend long searching the shops or online stores and need something pre-made and ready to go. The second is for those who have more time and like to tailor their gifts with our pick and mix option. Both make excellent choices and both are wonderful and original alternatives to the usual rushed go-to-gift of flowers.

1. Ready-Made Gift Boxes and Hampers

For the mums who love spending time in their garden this Gift Box for Gardeners is a gorgeous present that indulges her favourite pastime and lasts way longer than a bunch of flowers. With a handy reusable coffee (or tea) cup she can while away the spring days planting the seeds and tending to them. Once inside there’s a beautiful organic soap bar and Fig Fizz hand cream to keep her hands looking and feeling their best. There’s even a pot of lip balm too!

Gift box for gardeners
If your mum is more of a pamper person, how about this ready-to-go Pamper Hamper gift set packed with self care products that will have her in relaxation heaven. It’s designed with me-time in mind and encourages a good night’s sleep starting with the lavender and geranium bath salts, sleepy head pillow spray and a warming self-heating eye mask - she'll be heading to the land of nod in minutes. Trust us, we’ve tried it! Along with the ‘Me Time’ candle and ‘Balance’ pulse point roller this really is the gift that keeps on giving…
Pamper Hamper gift set
Sometimes all it takes is a little box of treats to make her smile. These two beautifully colour-themed boxes might be small in size but they pack a mighty punch on the gift front and contain divine goodies for her to enjoy.
Box of treatsAll about me curated gift

2. Create Your Own Custom Gift Box

This is much easier than it sounds and a great alternative to a ready-made box of gifts. Simply choose your box and the products you'd like inside and we will do the rest!

Everyone loves soft hands and what better way to get them than with a moisturising and soothing tube of hand cream. The perfect size to fit in a bag, this one contains Shea and Buttermilk that leave hands moisturised, supple and oh-so soft. Add to that a moisture drenching lip balm and a hydrating facial mist blended with rose water, orange blossom water and essential oils that calm, rejuvenate and slow down the ageing process, you've got the main skin care areas covered.


Shea and buttermilk hand cream
Hydrating rose facial mistAvocado and olive lip balm


For the mums who love the outdoors and gardening why not add some easy to plant seeds into your gift box. These can be sown so easily even if you don't have a garden - window boxes and flower pots on window sills will all suffice.



You can't go wrong with a strong cup of tea and melt in the mouth delicious chocolate biscuits which we 100% recommend! Be quick though, they are that good they really won't last long around here ;)

If you are still struggling with good gift choices, and don't worry we've all been there, we can highly recommend some of our best-sellers on Mother's Day. A gift box filled with relaxing bath salts, good (actually really good) quality chocolate, a spacemask and a bracelet that will remind them of you for years to come all make a truly wonderful and memorable gift that every mum not only deserves but would love too.


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