8 Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Send Instead of Flowers

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Alternative gift ideas to flowers

Don’t get us wrong, we love flowers! The sight of fresh blooms in the garden that let us know spring is on its way, summer meadows that have burst into life with glorious wildflowers and seeing all the busy bees at work whilst wandering through the National Trust summer gardens, are all fantastic things that we love about flowers.

Yet, despite being the classic go-to gift, sending a bunch of flowers does have its drawbacks. If they arrive in great condition, and some of the time they don’t, they can look absolutely stunning but flowers need a lot of care and attention to keep them looking their best - some even say that you need to cut the stems daily. Who has time for that?! They are usually fairly expensive to buy and unfortunately they don’t last too long either. Flowers have sadly become the easy gift option - it requires very little thought to pick and send a bouquet especially when people are exceptionally busy, time is short and finding a gift that is truly personal isn’t easy, we know.

But there are so many alternative and thoughtful options out there for absolutely any and every occasion. Birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, congratulations, a new home, get well and ‘just because’ are just some of the occasions when you can send a gorgeous gift instead of the usual bunch of flowers and believe us, you will really make their day by sending something that’s a little more creative and personal!

1. Filled Gift Boxes

Yep, naturally that would be our first suggestion but only because we think it’s an awesome one! You can add as little or as many gifts to the box as you wish, depending on your budget, and there’s the option to send a ready-made gift box too, making finding, buying and sending a gift so much quicker, easier and completely stress-free!

Pre-filled gift boxes

If you choose to send a custom made gift box you can make it truly unique to them and include all of their favourite things.

2. Chocolates

We’re going to let you into a little secret. Chocolate has super powers! It has the amazing ability to provide comfort and happiness and it delivers just the right amount of feel-good chemicals that you need. It’s like getting a little hug in one hit! 

Chocolate is great for literally any and every occasion, unless of course they aren’t a chocolate fan. If your friend is feeling sad, chocolate will most definitely cheer them up - it’s like a little hug, remember. When you have someone’s birthday coming up, chocolate is your answer. If a loved one receives some good news, celebrate with chocolate. There’s even seriously delicious non-dairy chocolate out there for anyone who is vegan.

Raw Halo vegan chocolate bars

3. Seeds

Sending someone seeds is a really wonderful gift because they can literally watch their present grow right before their eyes. They are lasting and meaningful and the joy you get from growing something yourself is hard to beat, not to mention that you’ll be helping the local wildlife to flourish too. Seeds really are the gift that keeps on giving!

These Seedball tins contain approximately 20 balls and each ball holds roughly 30 seeds. You simply throw them onto soil or compost in a garden bed or planter in Spring or Autumn, sit back and watch them grow. Easy enough for anyone and they also cleverly contain chilli powder to prevent the birds from eating them!

Seedball tins

Here's is a great time lapse video of the Seedballs in action.

4. Candles

The gift of a candle is perfect for so many reasons and there aren’t many people who wouldn’t like receiving one as a present. 

- They have the ability to add a beautiful calming glow to any room, creating a space that feels warm, cosy and inviting.

- They are scientifically proven to soothe and calm the mind with the slightly mesmerising flame and the soft warm glow helping us to feel relaxed and comfortable.

- Gently scented candles not only leave rooms smelling gorgeous but they can transport you to a whole other place. Coconut scented candles really remind us of warm summer days spent lazing by the beach whilst cotton scented ones remind us of childhood with the divinely fresh scent of clean washing hanging on the line.

- They are perfect for any occasion, happy or sad, and some have the option to personalise with a message of your choosing. They can also be paired with another self-care gift, such as an eye mask or some relaxing bath salts, to make someone feel extra special.

- They last a long time and they look great on a shelf combined with other beautiful ornaments and photos.

Cosy candleCandle and a cup of tea

5. Gift Cards

These give the recipient the freedom to pick out exactly what they want, without you having to spend hours and hours trawling the shops or internet for the perfect present. They can either buy something outright or use it to contribute to something a bit bigger. Other friends or family members can also be part of the present, by topping it up so the recipient has a nice chunky value to spend. 

Some might think gift cards are a cop out but we think they make ideal gifts especially for the ones who are super tricky to buy for. You also won’t get that terrible sinking feeling when you’ve realised that you’ve given a gift they really don’t like/want/need (*delete as appropriate - we’ve all been to that place and it’s not one we’d like to repeat any time soon!) 

6. House Plants

Ok, so these do require a little maintenance, but unlike flowers they can last a lifetime and living plants have far more benefits than cut flowers. They assist in purifying the air by naturally removing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen during the day which is even more beneficial in environments where there is little to no ventilation. House plants are known to reduce stress, boost moods and relieve tension. Now who wouldn’t love that as a gift?!

House plants

7. Subscription Boxes

We just LOVE subscription boxes. There is so much choice out there and it’s a really great gift idea for the harder to buy for friends and loved ones. They are also fabulous gifts that never stop giving - well, until the subscription runs out. 

If your recipient is a skincare lover you could opt for a beauty based subscription box, if they have a penchant for sweet treats why not get them a chocolate or candy themed subscription or if they love sports, how about a healthy snack box or a fitness subscription box? So many themes, so many choices, you really can’t go wrong.

 8. A Pamper Hamper

Talking of reducing stress and tensions we think everyone could do with a little pampering these days and what better gift than a hamper full to the brim of pampering products designed to melt away the stresses of the day. Where flowers require a whole lot of looking after, the Pamper Hamper looks after you! This hamper contains lots of stress relieving and sleep inducing products all from wonderfully creative small businesses in the UK so you'll not only be gifting the best treats but you'll also be supporting small 💗!

The pamper hamper


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