8 Benefits of Corporate Gifting

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The benefits of corporate gifting

If you’ve ever considered corporate gifting and the impact it could have on your business then you’re in the right place! Besides the fact that almost everyone loves receiving gifts, it can actually be a really smart business move and be highly beneficial for your business and relationships too.

What actually is corporate gifting? 

Simply put, it is a gift given from one business to either a client, customer or employee as a form of appreciation. The reasons for corporate gifting can vary from welcoming clients onboard, thanking them for their business, giving an employee a birthday gift or sending a present to an employee on maternity or paternity leave. Just as for life’s celebrations and commiserations, gifts in business can also be given for absolutely any reason and at any time of the year.

Why is it important to be gifting clients and/or employees? 

Clients are the driving force of any business and without clients your business wouldn’t exist, so it is important to treat every client as if they were your number 1, no matter how many others you might have. Think of it this way, happy clients equals prosperous and growing businesses. Afterall, it’s hard to forget a company who has treated you well and sent you a meaningful and memorable gift out of the blue!

The same goes for employees. If they are happy, they become more engaged. The more engaged they are, the more productive they become. The more productive they become, the better it is for business. You get the picture. 

Employee birthday gift

Corporate gifting can benefit your company in so many ways. 

Giving and receiving gifts from friends and loved ones boosts our mood, makes us feel happy and lifts our spirits and it can work in exactly the same way in business. Whilst gifting on its own won’t have an immediate effect on your business it can help with building strong relationships and loyalty slowly over time which has many other positive outcomes. It’s a little like the snowball effect - one thoughtful gift leads to a positive experience, that positive experience leads to trust and a referral or three, those referrals become clients and receive an onboarding gift which leads to a great first impression and so on. Clients and employees love to be welcomed and appreciated and although most will be ready and willing to work hard regardless, if those efforts and achievements keep going unnoticed they can start to feel unappreciated and enthusiasm levels start to drop.

The infographic below outlines the benefits of corporate gifting and in turn how they can help with overall success and growth of a business:

Eight benefits of corporate gifting

 To summarise, 8 benefits of corporate gifting to clients and employees are: 

  • Boosts business relationships and keeps them strong
  • Boosts employees morale
  • Makes a great and memorable impression
  • Builds brand awareness
  • Helps businesses stand out among the competition
  • Repeat business and more referrals 
  • Great way to show thanks to employees and clients
  • Overall business growth with client and employee loyalty

It is also worth noting that some care needs to be put into corporate gifting.

Unless it’s an event, such as a birthday where each employee is treated the same, it’s important not to make a show of gift giving in the office or at social gatherings but to have individual gifts delivered instead, to avoid any accusations of favouritism. 

Furthermore, it is imperative that gifts aren’t given, or seen, as a form of bribery. That is a fine line you don’t want to be crossing and an entire discussion for another day. 

Never breach a professional code or standard and don’t cross boundaries or cause offence with your gifts. It’s so important to make sure gifts are appropriate for the occasion and the individual. 

If in doubt, find a reputable company and enquire about their range of corporate gifts. They usually have ideas for every occasion and will be willing to tweak gift choices and even design custom gifts for you. 

Here at Leith & Gray we have an extensive choice of ready-made gift boxes, perfect for many occasions, and a huge selection of products to create your own gift boxes. If you’d rather tailor your choice with your company’s branding we are more than happy to discuss your requirements with you. 

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