5 Reasons Why Shopping For Great Gifts Is Hard

5 reasons why shopping for great gifts is hard


A gift isn’t just for Christmas… It can be for absolutely any occasion you can think of, big or small, happy or sad, but why does it seem so hard to find great gifts when the reasons for sending them are often so simple? 

Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday, show gratitude and thanks, wish the best of luck, a happy Christmas or even a “just because”, the reasons we choose to give gifts are easy. The challenging part is finding them! 

Giving great gifts feels amazing! You know the ones - those little presents that bring joy, that create warm and fuzzy feelings, that put smiles on faces and instantly brighten days by surprising and delighting. It feels good making others feel good! 

So, back to the question, why is it so difficult to find great gifts? Here are 5 reasons that could be throwing a giant spanner in the works:

Not knowing what people want

In this modern world anything can be bought at the touch of a button, whenever and wherever. When asked, people don’t know what they want anymore. Gone are the days of making birthday lists far in advance and hoping you’d get what you so desperately wanted. Now you can order whenever you feel the urge and have it the very next day. Why wait months for something you can have tomorrow? 


Busy people lead busy lives and finding the perfect gift is often time consuming, especially if you’re stuck for ideas. Trying to fit present shopping in between a hectic schedule can be stressful and challenging leading to frustration and despair. Quite the opposite of how it should feel! 

Crowded shopping centres 

Queues, crowds, full car parks and angry shoppers all make for a pretty miserable shopping experience, and it’s enough to put off even the hardiest of us! Navigating your way through the masses, in a now socially distanced world, sends fear through many of us and makes us long for the safety and comfort of our own homes. 

Fear of failure to find the perfect gift

Giving a friend or loved one your carefully thought out and beautifully wrapped gift can actually be quite daunting. What if they don’t like it? What if they want to return it? What if they pretend to like it but you can tell they’re pretending and it all becomes a bit awkward and embarrassing! The fear of a present not quite hitting the mark can be all too much for some and so the option of playing it safe (and dare we say, a bit boring) becomes preferable. 

Not much originality on the high street

Picture this - you made it through the traffic jams, finally found a parking space, braved the crowds, queues and angry shoppers, trawled up and down the high street many times over just to discover that you still haven’t found the perfect gift. Nothing jumps out at you, you’ve seen it all before in the big chain stores and originality is disappointingly lacking. You skipped lunch for this and yet have absolutely nothing to show for it, except weary legs, sore feet and a grumbling stomach. 

Buying great gifts is hard! 

But it doesn’t have to be. If time is precious, ideas are limited and originality and quality is of utmost importance then you’re in the right place. 

Giving gifts is back to what it should be - easy, fun, stress-free, quick, and exciting. You’ll feel amazing knowing you’ve just given the perfect present and that is exactly why we set up Leith & Gray - to put the joy back into gifting!

Here you'll find pre-curated gifts for those of you who are short on time and have no idea what to buy, and custom gift boxes for those who who need a quick but bespoke present that's perfectly tailored to your recipient.

You may even want to treat yourself too when you see what we have in store….

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reasons it's so hard finding great gifts

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